Restoration and Fine Binding

Although we’ve seen book repairs using everything from duct tape to old tablecloths, the art of restoration requires the highest degree of bookbinding skill. Practitioners must be expert in many centuries of techniques, have a wide variety of tools, a talent for mimicry of style, and a good eye for matching new material to old. Much of their work is hidden, since the goal is to keep the original as original as possible. We’re happy to put in a good word for The Gilded Leaf: Fine Bookbinding & Restoration, in Maryville, TN. Additionally, they offer custom work and can rebind your Bible, create presentation copies for publishers, or even a suitable gift for your friend the king.

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Since that is us, they come highly recommended.

A before and after of a 19th century county record book:Marriage Missing SpineMarriage Records 7 Spine

Detail of a fine binding: Vellum over hard boards, hand-marbled endpapers and rolled inner dentelles:
Tooling on vellum 1

A fine binding in green morocco, rolled edges, handsewn headbands:
Rolled Edges 2