Large 15th Century Blank Book

Measuring 17 1/4″ tall, 11 1/2″ wide, and 2″ thick, this massive tome weighs over ten pounds. Originally commissioned for a film version of the 15th century morality play “The Summoning of Everyman”, we reacquired the book after filming and offer it for sale here.

Details about paper, number of pages, here. Sewn on 5 pairs of double cords in true 15th century style, edges stained in brownish red, with handsewn headbands of plain linen over a round core, heavy, inwardly beveled boards and blind tooling on a rich vegetable-tanned calf. Already lightly weathered from being carried throughout filming, this beautiful book looks as if it was just unearthed from a treasure chest. The present label is paper and reads, “Book of Everyman”, though we will remove the label and/or replace it with one of your choosing in leather or paper, as you wish.