Aged Headbanding Cloth

This cloth is an excellent match for the headbands of the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s. It forms well over cords of all sizes for ordinary books and blends well even on the large decorative headbands formed found on family Bibles. It is available in two patterns: a striped cloth (the most common) and a small floral design.

Pricing as follows:
$7 for 3” by bolt width (45”) or $2.35 per inch
$21 for 12” $1.75 per inch
$35 for 24” or $1.45 per inch
$42 for 36” or $1.16 per inch

Headbanding Cloth 3

Headband Cloth 4

Headband Cloth 2.png

Headband Cloth 1.png