For the Craftsman


Leather and paper

If you’re in the area, you’re welcome to drop by (call for an appointment) and to purchase any bookbinding materials we have on hand, including the occasional extra tool, leather, a variety of decorative papers, etc. Most of these materials are readily available elsewhere, however, and we’re not interested in becoming an online source for them. There are, however, some exceptions!


Though many period-correct hand-marbled papers are still being produced, endsheets suitable for restoration of common late 19th and early 20th century books have been utterly unavailable. We offer several printed designs in muted colors appropriate for the period. Printed on a 70# ivory paper with a vellum finish, they take dyes and aging methods very well and are useful for period reproductions or for restoring vintage books.

Floral Pattern in three colors: For a larger photo and dimensions, click here.
Floral Printed Papers

“Clay-coated” sheets in yellow.

Printed Marbled Papers

Although not particularly attractive, these endpapers are nonetheless perfect for ledgers from the first half of the twentieth century. We offer two versions: a heavier cardstock sheet with a glossy finish, and a lighter in red and white. These are not reproductions, but actual stock from a long closed bindery in North Dakota. Once they are gone, they will not be reproduced. For a larger photo and dimensions click here. Printed Marbled Paper

Aged Headbanding Cloth
Headbands of the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s were often made of striped shirt cloth over a cord core, and the books from that era are often missing their headbands. For years we’ve made these up from new cloth and aged to match, but recently stumbled upon the last several bolts of a pre-aged cloth made up for reenactors. Calls to the manufacturer revealed the patterns were discontinued, and we’re proud to offer some of it for sale here. For more photos and pricing, click here.
Headband Cloth 2.png