Family Bible Rebacked
Family Bibles are most often rebound using the original boards and spines. If the spine is missing, we can create a new one to match.
Marbled Paper (Neal's Puritans)
Only traditional handmarbled papers are appropriate for many of our restoration projects. For Western books, we use papers from traditional marblers in Scotland and London.
Symonds Half Calf
19th century half-calf with sides of marbled paper.

Our area of expertise is the restoration of antiquarian material. With many of the same tools a 17th century binder would have in his shop, we can match the binding styles of any century in any material. We are especially adept at saving your original binding, blending new materials (when necessary) with the old to bring strength to the book while preserving the old feel. If rebinding is chosen, we can create an appropriate look for the period using the finest vegetable or alum-tawed leathers, handmade and handmarbled papers, and archivally sound adhesives.

Sprinkled Calf Folios
Large folio volumes sewn on six bands, bound in sprinkled calf, with labels of red morocco.

Preparation of leather for a full leather rebinding.
Paring Leather
Sewn on three double cords, this spine has been covered with alum-tawed pigskin and is in a "tying-up" press.