About Us and Our Covers

About Our Name

FrameBreaking-1812 (1)

Destroying machinery during the industrial revolution, the Luddites were the original technophobes*, and now their name is applied to anyone who dislikes new inventions.

We love our technology, but also love the old-fashioned look and feel of a leather-bound book, hence the (hopefully not too) sly humor of our name.

*Yes, we know it was more complicated.  History always is, but just let us have our sweeping generalizations.

Notes On the Delicate Nature of Our Covers

Looking for an indestructible case for your beloved gadget? Look further.  Since we can’t claim that the hand-marbled papers and traditionally-tanned leathers are more durable than vinyl and plastic, we won’t.  These cases are made from the same materials used in our fine bindings and restoration work (see glidedleafbindery.com) and are best suited to a King’s desk or a private study.  Having said that, I’ve carried my own for well over a year in a small satchel with book, pens, earbuds, Altoids and a host of hard objects.  The marbled paper is scuffed and worn along the edges and the corners are what bookdealers call “bumped.” Otherwise, it’s been a solid structure and looks far more elegant than its owner.

(picture of case: corners and edges)

Camera Holes?

Sorry.  It’s easy to slip your device out of our case, but ever since the bookworm we just haven’t thought holes in books were a good idea.

Other Devices/Custom Work

Have a non-appley gadget you’d like a cover for? Not a problem.  We’ll do our best to find or make a dummy (not your, Mr. Sensitive).

(link to “Covers we have known”)